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Terms Of Service

  • Uprise Traders is a judgment-free company and we ask our members to follow in our guidance to get the best use of our products.

  • If you wish to cancel your membership, the cancellation must be done prior to your next payment to ensure that you do not pay for an undesired month.

  • The monthly fee grants you access to the UpRise Traders Discord Channel, UpRise Traders real-time Alerts, and the education chat. 

  • The information provided by UpRise Traders Group, LLC. UpRise Traders and its organizers shall not be copied or transmitted to any other outlet by any means. Legal action will be taken against anybody who shares our paid content with the Uprise Traders Discord Chat, UpRise Traders Alerts Chat, and UpRise Traders Charts/Education Chat without authorization.

  • By joining our community, you’re providing permission for UpRise Traders to withdraw payments from your registered credit or debit card based on the interval selected. 

  • Refunds are prohibited on our digital products and/or services




The website, chat, and community contents are for educational and informational purposes only and solely as a self-help tool for your personal use. As stated, you should not rely on the Information or Website in making any investment. 




The Company and its affiliates, owners, employees, directors, other personnel do not hold themselves out to be attorneys, accountants financial advisor, or investment advisors. Contents of this website and the UpRise Traders Discord trading community do not constitute legal, accounting, investing or other professional advice to you.  You acknowledge and agree that the Information, this website, and our community are not intended to be a substitute for the legal, accounting, financial investing or other professional advice that can be provided by your own professional advisors.



  • UpRise Traders Group, LLC and its organizers are not responsible for any losses to occur from their analysis and or set-ups. Stocks posted on any of our outlets is not intended as investment advice and should be traded at your own discretion. 

  • The results posted on our social media are dependent on many different factors such as: account size, time of the trade, user execution, and more. UpRise Traders Group, LLC. UpRise Traders does not guarantee a yield on any asset discussed in our strictly educational discord group.

  • Trade fully at your own discretion.

  • Membership fees are non-refundable

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