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What Do You Get as a Member of UpRise Traders?

In this brief blog post, we will go into detail about what advantages you have as an UpRise Trader and why we know our group is one of the best in the marketplace:

Knowledge & Experience:

Not only do you get access to a group with nearly a thousand traders of all experience levels, but you also get access to our team of analysts & trading admin that have combined over 40 years of real trading experience with different classes of equities, derivatives, futures, and cryptocurrencies.

Advanced A.I-Driven Tools:

In our group, we offer a multitude of different trading bots that utilize proprietary A.I scripts to generate actional entry/exit alerts, advanced order flow & options statistics and projections, dark pool levels, and advanced charting.

A Team That Truly Cares:

Our UpRise Traders Admin, Moderation, and Back-Office Staff all believe in the mission of our company which is to support our members in becoming the most successful traders possible with the best tools and insights possible. We believe in winning as a team and we want to focus on the data at our fingertips and how it leads to an actionable trade to generate a profit for our members. Our team is always available to answer any questions, talk about the current market outlook, or just talk about any subject manner that is relevant to trading and the financial markets.

Education First Chatroom:

We as traders understand the desire to make a profit quickly but long-term sustainability is what we aim for. Our chatroom follows strict risk-management protocols to ensure we are trading with an edge. Our motto is there is always another trade and our first priority is capital preservation while taking calculated high R/R trade setups.

Opportunity To Earn Via Referral:

If you have any friends or family that would like to join our group, we offer a commission if they use your referral code at signup! Details of this will be announced before our launch on Sunday!

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